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- Garou Mark Of The Wolves

- Pokemon Sword

- Assassin's Creed Odyssey


Fighting Games Community Member

- Hubert Felix Thiefaine

- Turbo (On Youtube)

- Futur Funk Compilation


- Act and Think like Darth Vader

- The Witcher

- Pic Nic Land


I discovered the Fighting Games Universe with Ultra Street Fighter IV in 2016. At the start, I wanted to play this game because the story and the characters looked very cool (I swear)!
Quickly, I was attracted by the mental challenge that is fighting an opponent completely alone. At this moment, fighting games grabbed me forever. I quickly searched to increase my knowledge and my culture on this game genre; At the beginning with internet then with LaDose.net, an association that taught me the story of Fighting Game, the Arcade Cabinet era and the love of the Fighting Game Community.


This is how started my quest to bring my part in this community. Since I discovered Fighting Games, I start to imagine new concepts, new characters for the licenses I like and study how to adapt "old" fighting games now gone.

And with LaDose.net, I learned how to manage big Fighting Games Tournament and how to deal with massive E-sport events.

On this day, my biggest realization was during TheMixup 2019 where I was the Manager of the Dragon Ball Fighterz Tournament: the Dragon Grand Battle. And I hope to have one day the chance to organize bigger projects.


Tabletop RPG Gamemaster

During the 3 last years, in Bellecour Ecole, I had the opportunity to work on the Fighting Game Universe with two big topics: "How to make Fighting Games easier to learn for new players" and "The Link between Fighting Games and players' nostalgia". The creation of concept documents and the creation of tournaments on various fighting games allowed me to gain a better understanding of the different axis to make Fighting Games better than ever.

I started to play Tabletop RPG with my Dad as Gamemaster when I was a kid. So, the passion of narrative games and multiplayers experiences came very early in my life.

In high school, I start to create a Tabletop RPG in my own universe. the campaign we create with my friends has been going on for 5 years and it stay epic ! I love playtest differents kind of Tabletop RPG to discover new ways to play with his friends or just new methods of "Gamemastering".

Today, I work on differents ways to combine Tabletop RPG and Video games.

Music, Lyricist, Singer

I didn't have any music education, but I can't help to love create music or singing.

Some years ago, my parents gave me a Keyboard Master, so I start create music out of nothing. You can hear the result here! The first title is use in Shapes of Seasons and the other ones are use for my Tabletop RPG.

I used to write since I can use a pen. I didn't wrote only stories but also lyrics. I started to make them into songs at schools, with the help of my Music Teacher.

During my last year of High School, I lose a bet and have to sign to a sing contest. I went there to fight my fear of singing in public, but I (almost) win ! This give me a greater self-confidence.

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