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Date: April 2020

Genre: Action / Adventure

Project Type:  6 Months School Project

Project Role: Lead Programmer, Game Designer, other stuff

Summary: Soleil is a local-2-players game where you embody twins with magical powers. In Soleil, each life matters, you'll have to save the Tainted Ones by healing them but you'll also need to prevent them to kill innocents or to be killed too. In Soleil, I worked as a Lead Game Programmer, a Game Designer and finally as a 3D Artist. Thanks to this project, I learned a part of the animation's process.

By the Lake
By The Lake

Date: April 2019

Genre: Adventure / Stealth

Project Type:  8 Weeks School Project

Project Role: Game Designer & Game Programmer (AI's Father)

Summary: Created in eight weeks, with as only constraints a universe created by concept artists from Bellecour Ecole. I have learned with By the Lake the work of adapting an already existing universe. I have studied during this project the programming basics of Entities' Behavior.


Date: April 2018

Genre: Narrative

Project Type:  3 Months School Project

Project Role: Lead Narrative Designer and World Builder

Summary: The goal of this project was to create a narrative game with the thematics of Isolation. Koxia was my first time as responsible of the narrative aspect of the game and I have enjoyed this job a lot! World Building some levels allow me to experiment on how to show narrative elements to the player in the game world.

Homeless Business
Trashy Dock.png
Homeless Business

Date: 2020

Genre: Racing / Arcade

Project Type:  Game Jam and Personal Project

Project Role: Game Concept and Design, 3D Modeling and Programming

Summary: In Homeless Business, you embody a homeless with a shopping cart, working with a Punk Gang to clean the city. Bring junk to the landfill and get your pay!
With 3 differents gamemods with differents goals, Homeless Business is a scoring game with a singular controller imitating a Shopping Cart.

Shape of Seasons

Date: Décembre 2018

Genre: Puzzle

Project Type:  8 Weeks School Project

Project Role: Level Designer, World Builder, QA Tester / Debugger

Summary: Shape of Seasons is a Student Project where the Player has to change his shape and the season of the level to progress inside the level.  Today, Shape of Season isn't playable. I'm currently remaking the entire project, by changing the art style and the Level Design Intentions

Castor Builders
Teachers as Beavers : Castor Builders

Date: February 2018

Genre: Action / Mini-Game

Project Type:  In-School Game-Jam

Project Role: Game Design, QA

Summary: Teachers as Beavers was a giant temporary game combining Video Game, Board Game in Bellecour Ecole as a playground! Castor Builders was one of mini-game that Teachers can play through

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