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Fighting Game Design
Fighting Game Design
Frame Data T.png

I discovered the world of Fighting Game at the age of 16 years old with Ultra Street Fighter IV. Quickly I developed a big interest in this style by creating new Characters or Mechanics for different games like Street Fighter V, Garou Mark Of The Wolf or Asura Buster.

Creating Frame Data or move list. Studying how to make a Fighting Games easier to understand, how to add a storytelling layer to them or what is the link between Fighting Games and player's nostalgia are examples of different angles on which I work to create the best games for the FGC (Fighting Game Community).

I am also an active member of the association, organizer of TheMIXUP, an international Fighting Game Event.

Knight of the Atom
Knights of the Atom

Every child likes to create his Universe, maybe I'm not a child anymore, but I always have stories to tell.

This world is a "Science-Fantasy" Universe telling the adventures of an intergalactic military institution: The Knights of the Atom, fighters using atoms in the ambient air to create a kind of magic.

They have to investigate a mysterious and invisible force navigating inside the galaxy and which could destroy the peace and the Balance in the Milky Way.

The Knights of the Atom has mainly taken the form of a paper Role-Playing game today. But this universe can be adapted in a lot of different type of game in my opinion.

Chevalier de l'Atome2.png
Pokemon World Design
Prez World.png
Prez Makiname.png

As a fan of role play and Pokémon, I decided to adapt Gamefreak's Universe in a new way to play it. So I start to create my own Pokémon's region and my own rules to play it as a tabletop role-play game.


I created the story of the region, its mythology, its charatcers, its cities and its own Pokémons! The project is mainly inspired by the isle of Shikoku, in Japan.

The Pokémon's Arts have been realised by Laura Vuillerme. Thanks to her!

Bears Escape
Bears Escape

Bears Escape is a Board Game create during my first year at Bellecour Ecole. Our constraints were "City", "Second World War", "Bears" and "Card Drafting".

In this game, players are bears that have to escape a city after it was bombed. The players have to use an inventive displacement system to leave the city first and win! They can also use cards to stop other players! A mechanic of events and a personalizable board allow for more replayability.

After finishing the project at School, I organized Playtest sessions in middle schools to improve the game !

Disco Ninja
The Disco Ninja Initiative
Disco Ninja.png

The Legend says that Disco Ninja was a game planed to be released in 1996 on PS1. But it was canceled for mysterious reasons...

Today, Disco Ninja is back and he is ready to take his revenge...

Why did he come back? What are his motivations?... 

I can't talk for the moment of this project but I hope that soon, I'll be able to talk you more about it.

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